Why Water is Fun Damental to weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, drinking water helps to melt the fat!

The advantages of water

Your life would cease to exist  if your water  supply was cut off, so your body gets defensive when it doesn’t get the amount it needs.We covered that briefly when we talked about bloating , which is when your body retains water if it feels dehydrated .

That’s why it’s important to consume more water if you feel like you’re retaining it.Once your body gets the amount it needs, it will be comfortable enough to let the excess go. The result is a lower weight and smaller waist.

How do you know if you’re bloated ? When you make a fist , does your skin get tight? Can you clearly see where your rings are worn ? if you answered yes , then you probably need to drink more water.

Water also helps the vitamins and minerals that you consume get to the cells via your blood stream, So, if you’re not drinking enough , they don’t move as easily throughout your body, thereby causing you to not be as healthy as you can be.

Lastly , water is necessary for all your vital organs to work as intended . For example , your kidneys need water to flush out the toxins. If they don’t get enough water to do so , they rely on the liver for help . Since the liver is so busy filling in for the kidneys , it can’t do it’s main job , which is metabolize fat.

You see , when your body runs efficiently and effectively , you will burn fat at a higher rate. Put simply, drink water and drop pounds!

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What’s an Appropriate water intake?

The best thing you can do for your body is drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water , or one ounce for every two pounds you weigh. So , for example , if you weigh 150 pounds , you would want 75 ounces of water a day . And , if you sweat a lot or have a health condition like diabetes, you’ll likely need even more.

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