How To Get Great Six Pack ABS

How To Get Great Six Pack ABS And A Great Core

First, l want to address some of the WRONG advice out there..

No amount of ab exercises alone will give you a great six pack.

No matter how simple or fancy the exercises ,they are not the “shortcut to six pack abs”.Yes ,ab exercises are necessary for developing a solid core ,but it takes more than ab workouts to get the look you desire.

Just being lean isn’t enough.

It’s true that you need to have low levels of body fat for your abs to fully show.For us guys,they start really showing as you get under 10% body fat,and for gals ,under 20% body fat.

But the reality is you can get very lean and still not have the “six pack” look you want .How so ? The answer is simple : nobody’s core is naturally developed enough to have the deep cuts and pronounced  lines that make for a truly outstanding six pack.

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Look again to the second example of poor ab development l showed earlier ,and to my 2 -year-old pictures.Both he and l were lean when those pictures were taken,but what was wrong with our physiques would have been just as obvious even if  we had stripped off another 1-2% body fat.

The full “six pack” look requires low body fat levels and well -developed core muscles.

Just deadlifting ands squatting isn’t enough,either.

l don’t know how many times l’ve heard the following:”l don’t train abs -l squat and deadlift”.And these guys and girls usually have unimpressive cores.

the reality is these two exercises,even when performed with heavy weight (80%+ of 1RM),just don’t invole the show muscles of the rectus abdominis , the tranversus abdominis, and the external obliques as much as people think.

Now ,don’t get me wrong heavy squatting and deadlifting do help build an all -around great core,but they aren’t enough on their own.

What does it take to get a killer core ,then?

Having an outstanding six pack and core actually only requires two things:

1.Reducing your body fat percentage for us guys,the rectus abdominis doesn’t really start showing until we reach the 10% range ,and the rest of the core muscles don’t pop untill we reach the 8% range . For girls, 20% is where the fun begins,and 18% is where their cores really start to shine.

Just know that no matter how great your core muscles are developed, you will not achieve the look  you want if your body fat percentage is too high. If you’re not sure how to get leaner,check out my article series on how to lose body fat fast.

2. Regularly performing the right ab and core exercises .What are the right exercises? Let’s find out…

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