May 19, 2019
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      1 .This is Raina “she Tell  113 kilos -47 kilos


“l’ve always been obese at 28 reached the height of 113 kilos and with various health problems.After spending years performing diet and exercise was indicated by the doctor to perform bariatric surgery as a last resort to recover my health.It’s been two years since the bariatric surgery and eliminated 47 kilos.The surgery gave me the opportunity to learn to eat better and get back to willingness to do physical activities.No longer have health problems related to obesity .Starting tip :whether to appeal or not bariatric surgery,the path is one .Diet and physical activity there is no magic formula is focus is determination believe in yourself.”

2.This Lyndsey see tell,”Austin Texas 330bls”

“My name is Lyndsey l was once 20 years old and 330 lbs .My life at 20 years old was worthless. l was so large l had trouble walking l use to have to stop and take breaks while shopping in the maills,l couldn’t go out to eat and fit into booths ,l was the largest size in the plus size stores.l knew had to make a change in my life.Two years later l’m 200 lbs lighter and l finally get to have the life l always watched on the side lines that other people got to live”.

How weightloss 12kilos in 40 Day Rice Diet

Weightloss Summer Vegetable Casserole

3. 765lbs -320bls

l started our New Years Resolution to lose weight on January 1, 2016 we weighted a combined total of 765lbs.We have since lost 320lbs together & now weight a combined total of 445lbs!we still have a long way to go,but it’s crazy how much has changed in such a short amount of time.Happy with the changes we have made as a coupe & that we chose to take care of our health.we knew if we didn’t change the weight was going to get worse & was potentially life threatening for the both of us 10 years in & life is just getting even better .Can’t wait for our bucketlist summer & happy to have someone who can see the greatness in me even when l don’t always see it myself.

If you want to lose weight to work hard, never be lazy,Must exercise properly…

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Sheryl J. kelly

holds a master’s of science degree in nutrition education from Columbia University and is clinically trained in all areas of nutrition. She has a private practice in northern New Jersey, where she works with children and adults on a wide range of issues, including diet and weight loss and gain, food allergies, digestive issues, eating disorders, cardiovascular health, diabetes management, and more. Her goal is to help people meet their individual health needs and wellness goals by taking a holistic approach to better health.



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